Diccionario Triqui-español

Se ha publicado en línea un diccionario Triqui de Chicahuaxtla y español. Su elaboración fue hecha a finales de los años 70’s por el lingüísta Claude Good que vivió por varios años en San Andrés Chicahuaxtla. Pueden descargarlo en el siguiente link. Que les sea de utilidad.



Un comentario en “Diccionario Triqui-español”

  1. Thanks ever so much, Fidel! I had been informed that it was online but you have done a great job of making it more widely available. I had been contacted by one of our neighbors in La Laguna who now lives in Oregon. She wanted to know how to get a copy. All I could do was to refer her to the linguistic center in Mitla. But now she can have it right on her computer. She is the daughter of one of the school teachers, Elijio Salazar. I can’t remember her name but it is something like “Mita.”

    I really appreciate what you are doing to give your people a sense of their value. I know that in the eyes of God we are all of great value. I’m so sorry that the Mexican culture is not always aware of that.

    I believe at least some of the New Testaments in Triqui are also online. Maybe sometime you could feature them? That is where our true value is found.

    Many thanks indeed!

    Your friend as always,



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